*** UPDATE 12/15:

We have now received a bulk supply of white linen paper, so it is back in stock and readily available for our products now! We appreciate your patience while we awaited stock! :)


Due to supply chain issues affecting everything across the United States, the white linen paper is no longer available until further notice. Our usual shipment has been pushed back weeks (possibly months) on this particular paper unfortunately. We are moving the paper to out of stock in our shop, but reorders may still be able to select it. If an order with white linen is placed, you will be asked to change your paper color. This will be the case going forward until we receive sufficient restock.

We will provide updates as soon as they are available! ALL papers are being affected by the supply chain issues, but we have managed to gather enough stock while waiting for more orders to come in. The white linen paper is one of our most popular paper selections, so we ran through the stock we had fairly quickly.

Thank you and we appreciate your patience!

~The Saddle Hill Family