Big Updates for Saddle Hill Studios

We have so many new updates in the works that it needed a blog post of its own so that we can have everything written out, even for folks who don’t follow our social media. We considered doing a live video with all of the updates (and may still do this), but we wanted to have all the new stuff happening in one place for everyone to check out.

After the craziness of the holidays, we set aside time to review changes and how we can improve for the next holiday season. These changes and updates are based on our experience during the holiday 2022 season and feedback from our fantastic customer base! Here is a list of all the changes that have either already been rolled out or are coming soon.

Bulk Discount Changes
Due to the increasing fees on Etsy, we will be discontinuing all bulk discount codes that are currently used in that shop. Our website will continue to offer them and will be the only option to obtain bulk discounts; as always, they are automatically applied during checkout!

Overall Pricing Changes
Due to significant price increases with Etsy, we have had to adjust pricing there and depending on your paper choice, you may have noticed a drastic change in pricing. This increase was unavoidable, unfortunately, but the good news is that our website still maintains lower pricing. You will now find significantly lower pricing when ordering direct from our website.

Website Updates
When placing an order from our website, you will now have the option to select if the item is a reorder or a new product for you. We hope this new setup for our products makes it easier for you to reorder without having to submit customization info for items you have already ordered in the past. This feature is already active on most of our website catalog, but it is still being rolled out across all customizable products.

Paper Pricing
As some of you may have noticed, pricing has changed on both our website and our shop on Etsy to reflect the significant increase in cost that has affected our supplies. There was (and still is) a global paper shortage that has caused paper pricing to increase astronomically across the board. For this reason, some of our papers had to increase pricing to reflect that (unfortunately, we were working for free at the previous pricing by the end of last year).

Paper Color Changes
The following paper colors are being discontinued by the paper mill or have become too challenging to maintain a stock of and will be removed from our shops soon:

  • Silver (challenging to find supply and significant price increases)
  • Gold (challenging to find supply and considerable price increases)
  • Red (discontinuing due to lack of customer interest)
  • Canyon (discontinued by the paper mill)
  • Navy Linen (discontinued by the paper mill; however, we are working hard to find an alternative manufacturer as this paper is quite popular)

Fitting & Cut Changes
You may have noticed that our fitting choices are changing. These changes are due to customer requests and feedback from our production team cutting your cards and tags. Previous versions of our cuts would result in “duds,” which required more material for re-prints and customer replacement orders. The fitting cuts have been updated for more reliable cuts and to ensure you receive the best possible finished products. Our necklace cards have been updated to a curved slit style (better for displaying your necklaces), and pop-out leverback tabs have been reworked into a rounded shape.

**None of these changes affect how our cards function; they simply offer a better end-result professional-quality product.

New Products
Brand new products are in the testing phase and are expected to be released on our website first. Here are a few of the items you can expect to see on our website soon:

  • A broader selection of our popular mini earring cards for stud and dangle earrings in hanging and non-hanging options.
  • New and unique “no staple or adhesive needed” fold-over tag options that we know you will love as much as we do. Amber designed this unique new concept from scratch, and you won’t find it anywhere else! Expect to see some of your favorites re-created with this fun new option, created to save you time when packaging up your jewelry and accessories for display!
  • Popular fold-over tag options with earring cuts so you can place matching jewelry sets together on your jewelry displays.
  • More business card shapes and sizes are in the works! We offer many unique shapes and sizes through custom orders, but we are working to make them available for everyone!

SADDLE HILL News & Updates Newsletter
While we have always had a newsletter sign-up, the last time we used it was in 2018! Our goal this year is to begin a once-a-month round-up of important information, changes, coupons, and more to send out to our customers. We don’t particularly appreciate being spammed with tons of emails, so we intend to keep this as a once-a-month newsletter for now.
**Any coupons sent will be for our WEBSITE ONLY and will not work on Etsy. More information will be provided in newsletters, though!

We also want to highlight some of our fabulous customers, so we will be including a new photo submission page on our website where you can submit a photo or several photos of our products in action with yours, along with your website or social media contact information. If you’re interested in being featured, be sure to visit the submission page!

There’s so much more to list, but I will do my best to post another update soon! Thank you for taking the time to read about all of the exciting changes coming here!

xoxo -Amber