Important policies regarding proofs

The proof process is essential as it ensures we create your items to work perfectly for your products. Your communication and working with us to make your products how you want them will ensure we are all happy with the end product(s)! This policy applies to our website, Etsy shop, and invoicing.

That being said, we have a few policies to ensure that all orders are processed as quickly as possible.

📢 If replies aren’t received within 1-2 business days, we may proceed with or cancel any order as outlined below. Let us explain a bit more about that to make sure everything is clear!

  • We may go ahead with the order if the design information you gave us was straightforward, but we are still waiting for a reply.
  • If we have questions, we will hold the order for a limited time for you to reply. We may have to extend your order processing timeframe a bit. We do this because we understand that life can get busy, and we want to ensure we make your items how you want them to be!
  • We reserve the right to cancel any order for lack of communication or other reasons. (This is most commonly due to a simple lack of communication on your part). Communication in this process is key to successful cooperation! 😊

These policies help to ensure we process all orders on time and keep things organized to provide the best possible service.

We appreciate your understanding!