Rectangle Tear Off Tab Jewelry Cards
These cards are cut in a rectangle shape with pointed corners and feature a 1/4″ tear off tab at the bottom for a dollar sign, item number, or sku. For retail environments, we recommend choosing a card with rounded corners to ensure durability with frequent handling. These are great for allowing your branding to stay with the product when your customers give the product as a gift. They are available in a variety of size and fitting options to suit your accessories. We can make them into earring cards, necklace cards, ring cards, and so much more. You can order them blank and customize them yourself or have us personalize them for you using your own logo and/or text.

Sizes Available:
› 1.5 x 2.5″ Set of 105 Cards
› 2 x 2.5″ Set of 90 Cards
› 2 x 3″ Set of 75 Cards
› 2 x 4″ Set of 60 Cards
› 2.5 x 3″ Set of 60 Cards
› 2.5 x 3.5″ Set of 54 Cards
› 2.5 x 5″ Set of 36 Cards
› 3 x 3.75″ Set of 36 Cards
› 3 x 5″ Set of 30 Cards

**Quantity per set varies based on the size selected and not all fittings are available in all sizes.