No more tying, taping, or dealing with tangles in your necklace chains! These little necklace card pouches keep the chain neatly tucked inside behind the display portion of the necklace card. You simply attach your necklace, and then fold up the back flaps and tuck the tab into the back, and they are ready to go!
Please note these pouches can only be used with small to medium-sized chains. If there are beads on the chain, it will likely not fit in the pouch.

• Set of 15 Necklace pouches cut in a square shape.
• Each pouch measures 3×3″ (closed).
• Sets cannot be split – 1 set = 1 design.
• Cuts cannot be changed in any way. They are cut exactly as shown in the above photos.
(This means we cannot add earring holes, move the slits, etc)