We have offered bulk discounts on our print and cut products for as long as we have been in business, and we will always have them around! We offer automatic bulk discounts on our print and cut products at SADDLE HILL. You will see the discounts reflected on the cart or checkout page. If you require further discounts, we also offer our die-cutting wholesale option. If you intend to order in higher volumes in the future, this is an excellent option to save big on your jewelry display and packaging products!


We are excited to announce that we have recently upgraded our equipment to include the latest die-cutting technology. This allows us to create a die for your product that will decrease overall cost and significantly lower processing time. This new equipment allows us to mass-produce cards or tags quickly and accurately with perfect cuts every time.

Here are the benefits of die-cutting with us!

  • Pay a ONE-TIME die setup fee (per item) of $650.00.
  • Receive a 50% discount on every set purchased from that die going forward.
  • Enjoy 3-day processing times for anything ordered from your die.
  • A minimum purchase of 5 sets is required after the die setup fee.

The setup fee is a flat fee for die manufacturing and setup. The die setup fee covers our cost to manufacture a die for your items’ specifications. Die production requires a 5-7 business day lead time. After the setup fee is paid, a minimum of 5 sets is required for each order from your die. Once the die has been set up for you, all orders from that die MUST be placed via invoice or a custom reordering page to ensure your 50% discount is applied and your order is processed quickly.


Die cutting is when a metal plate is manufactured to cut a specific card or tag. During normal processing, we produce our items using plotting machines which cut each individual piece out of a larger sheet of paper. This causes the items to require more time to produce. When we cut with a metal plate, we can cut an entire sheet in a matter of seconds, allowing for fast processing of your orders.


After paying your one-time die setup fee, the cost per set drops to half (for example, $21 per set becomes $10.50 per set). The die setup fee is for one die with a specific template. Holes cannot be moved, and no edits can be made to the cut once the die is manufactured. This makes it ideal for customers who know they will order specific cards in high volume, especially during the holiday season!